Bangle Manufacturers In China

Bangle Manufacturers In China

In the last 100 years, Bangles reached the height of popularity in the 1980s but they’ve never really gone out of fashion. Their history stretches back into the early ages, with the first bangles discovered in 2600 BC. They’re often associated with parties and having a good time, with such pieces worn by dancing girls.

Unlike bracelets, bangles are not flexible, but that means they are less likely to break. Bangles have many religious connotations, especially in India where they are worn in pairs by women.

There are two types of bangle: those which are a soft cylinder type, and those which have a cylindrical spring opening, which means they can be opened and closed. Perfect for glass decorations, bangles can be colourful, personable and appeal to a wide demographic of customers.

If you’re looking for a bangle or bracelet manufacturer in China, Caboli Jewelry can produce your jewelry to the highest standards.

One example of our colourful jewelry is this Enamel Bangle that has many beautiful mosaic patterns to choose from (or why not create your own?).

If you’re looking for jewelry manufactures in China, find out more about Caboli.


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