Why Choose to Create Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Why Choose to Create Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Whether you’re after bold and sexy black pieces, or technical jewelry which in inspired by architecture and engineering, stainless steel jewelry has never been more fashionable.

There has been a massive growth in the number of people requesting this type of jewelry, especially among ‘urban men’ who love its durability and strength. It’s especially popular for those looking for ‘smart jewelry’ which brings together fashion and technology.

Tough, attractive and affordable, our manufacturers love working stainless steel.

Stainless steel is made up of iron ore and since it contains more chromium, it’s much less subject to corrosion or staining.

The production costs are much less than pure silver, with the lower cost one of the most popular reasons behind its rising popularity all over the world. Stainless steel has even been credited with making jewelry more popular with men. Many luxury watches feature this material, including those made by designer labels, with a Patek Philippe Watch made of stainless steel recently auctioned for £8.8 million.

Choose Caboli for jewelry manufacturers with skill, flexibility and passion.

Caboli Jewelry Co regularly work with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel.


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