Flexible Necklace Manufacturers in China

Flexible Necklace Manufacturers in China

Looking for necklace manufacturers who can create pieces which reflect the latest trends?

Like statement earrings, statement necklaces have also been on the rise, with the bigger the better. The trend for layering also shows no signs of abating, giving wearers the ability to create unique compositions that reflect their unique style.

Necklaces have also become more practical and there are those designed to not only release scent, but help the wearer beat the heat.

Over the past few years, there have been trends for personalised pendants, along with a revived love for lockets- especially those for aromatherapy. Classic pendants like hearts and crosses and jewels are still popular, but there’s also more unique pendants, whether it’s a Beauty and the Beast style rose or an art deco dragonfly. All of which our experienced necklace manufacturers can make at Caboli Jewelry Co.

Pendant necklaces are something the wearer can wear every day, so always sell well.

At Caboli Jewelry Co we love making both classic and innovative pieces that both sell well and reflect your branding. Everything is made at our state-of-the-art factory in China.

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