Looking To Manufacture The Most Striking Earrings?

Looking To Manufacture The Most Striking Earrings?

Earrings have come a long way since we only wore pendulous diamonds, or gypsy style hoops.

Today, statement earrings have become this generation’s favourite trend with exaggerated sizes and mismatched colours increasingly popular. Dramatically long and outsized earrings with arty, geometric shapes and spindly metal wires, tassels and gems are on their way up.

There is also a trend for wearing one single earring for dramatic effect. Earrings have also become more fun over the past few years, with people wearing everything from colourful pineapples to slices of pizza in their ears.

Vintage art deco earrings have also winged their way into people’s affections and offer a look that’s both classy and intriguingly glamorous. Abstract cut-out earrings are another of the most innovative trends in this market. In short, it’s never been a more exciting time to manufacture earrings for the wholesale market, with Caboli leading the way in the production of this type of jewelry.

However, many people still love the classic love as exhibited by Kate Middleton, who always wears her favourite drop pearl earrings to special events.

Whether you want to manufacture multi-hoop earrings, those with tassels, pom-pom earrings or artsy designs, Caboli Jewelry Co can help.

We can manufacture any earring design to the highest standards using the best materials, expertise and know-how.


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