Need Jewelry Decorated With Enamel?

Need Jewelry Decorated With Enamel?

If you want to bring plenty of colour to your jewelry designs, have them decorated with enamel.

Made of powdered glass, which has been ground to a fine powder, enamel is a way to make jewelry instantly colourful. It also gives you the chance to get extremely creative, with the best thing about it the sheer number of colours you can use.

Jewelry decorated with enamel is particularly ideal for children, such as these Fish Keychains. One of the most well-known examples of enamel jewelry are Fabergé eggs, which are highly decorative and also feature jewels.

Caboli Jewelry Co can work with both soft enamel or polished enamel, to create the effect you’re looking for.

One of our featured products is this multi-coloured enamel bracelet, with a metallic base in stainless steel, or solid 925 sterling silver. This is just one example of our jewelry decorated with enamel.

This gothic style Ground Enamel Bangle is another example of what can be achieved with enamel. Another of our featured products are these Thin Enamel Bangles which come in various different colours, including red, green and yellow.

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