Need To Manufacture Gorgeous Bangle Bracelets?

Need To Manufacture Gorgeous Bangle Bracelets?

Also known as a popular pop band in the 1980s, bangles are one the most wearable pieces of jewelry. With one size that fits all, they can easily be personalised with charms or chains, and come in any colour or material. Easily removed, they are the quickest way to dress up somebody’s wrists.

Why manufacture bangle bracelets for your customers?

Highly coveted pieces, bangle bracelets might dip in and out of fashion, but there’s always a market for this type of jewelry. This type of decorative piece has been around since 2600 BC, so they won’t be going away any time soon! A figurine of a dancing girl wearing bangles has been found which dates to this time, and they’ve always been a traditional type of Indian jewelry.

In India, they are usually worn in pairs on a woman’s arm, especially on traditional occasions.

Where can I find a manufacturers of bangle bracelets?

Caboli Jewelry Co frequently manufacture bangle bracelets in a variety of styles. Take for example this spikey enamel bangles, which are perfect for anybody who loves that gothic look.

We also have sets of thin enamel bracelets which come in many pastel colours. Made of 925 sterling silver, they are just one example of what we can manufacture.


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