Need A Manufacturer Of Nickel Free Jewelry?

Need A Manufacturer Of Nickel Free Jewelry?

Nickel is often used in jewelry, thanks to being cheap and the fact it brings a lustre to other metals. As a consequence, it is widely used in the costume jewelry industry. However, it can be bad news for people’s health.

With most allergic reactions from wearing jewelry arising from this metal, it’s becoming increasingly popular to have hypoallergenic pieces that have no nickel in them. In particular, many manufacturers make jewelry which has no nickel plating, as this is the part which touches the skin. Nickel is the cause of 10% of UK adults with dermatitis.

Many metals used in jewellery are likely to contain some nickel, even gold, silver and palladium. However, the EU limits the amount of nickel that can be used in objects that have prolonged contact with the skin.

Are you looking to sell hypoallergenic jewelry, and need a manufacturer of nickel-free jewelry?

Caboli Jewelry Co can make nickel-free pieces that meet your specific requirements, whether you’re after bangles, wedding rings or pendulous earrings.

We can also make lead-free materials, as this metal is also harmful to the body.

Discover more about Caboli Jewelry Co as a manufacturer.


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