Need To Order Stainless Steel Tags?

Need To Order Stainless Steel Tags?

Looking to expand your range of men’s jewelry? One of the most popular types of pieces for men are stainless steel tags.

Not dissimilar to silver, stainless steel has long been trending in jewelry- especially stainless steel tags, otherwise known as dog tag pendants.

Easy to customise, a stainless-steel tag can be made bespoke with any pattern, text or engravings you like. Because they provide a flat space, they’re easily engraved with someone’s favourite quote or symbol, with many jewelry companies offering plain tags for customers to have engraved for free.

Durable and economical, stainless steel tags are increasingly popular for group events, when you want everybody to have a memento from the day.

Caboli Jewelry Co regularly work with stainless steel to produce exciting, modern pieces. One example of our stainless-steel jewellery is this Plain Dog Tag, made using 316L stainless steel, which is the standard type for jewelry, thanks to the fact it contains only a small amount of nickel.

We are a leading manufacturer of stainless steel jewelry and have many years of production experience. For more information, simply fill in our enquiry form.


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