Need A Skilled Manufacturer Of Earrings?

Need A Skilled Manufacturer Of Earrings?

Did you know, ear piercings are one of the oldest forms of body modifications? Earrings are therefore one of the most ancient types of jewelry.

Earrings were even worn by men in Ancient Persia and ear piercings are even mentioned in the Bible. The Ancient Egyptians wore gold discs in their ears, and earrings became highly fashionable among gentlemen in the Tudors times. One portrait of Shakespeare even has him donning an earring.

In recent times, navel curved earrings have become particularly popular.

Where can I find a company that manufacture earrings?

Whether you’re based in Europe or the US, Caboli Jewelry is a China-based manufacturer of quality jewelry. We can manufacture any design to your specifications, and work with numerous different materials, including stainless steel.

Whether you want to manufacture studs or pendulous ‘tear drop’ earrings, Caboli Jewelry manufacture all kinds of pieces.

Our earrings include Gold Stainless Steel Studs, Gold Plated Earrings with Pearls, Sterling Silver CZ Earrings, Tear Drop Earrings, Allergy Free Silver Wire Earrings, Custom Crystal Flower Earrings and many more.

From colourful enamel hoops to gold tone triple earrings, Caboli Jewelry could be your perfect jewelry manufacturer.

Discover more about our custom made earrings today.

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