Need Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale?

Need Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale?

Are you looking to sell stainless steel jewelry wholesale and make the most of this increasingly popular type of product?

Stainless steel jewelry offers many benefits that gold-plated jewelry cannot: for example, it’s brilliant for people with allergies because it contains little nickel. Perfect for chunky, industrial-style pieces, it is currently very much à la mode and reflects the grunge movement that’s enjoying a resurgence.

This type of jewelry has been described as ‘defying the odds’ and entering many fine jewelry stores that would have previously shied away from using non-precious metals. While 10 years ago it was rare to find stainless steel jewelry sold in luxury stores, that is now no longer the case.

Available with pink or yellow gold ion plating, stainless steel is ideal for those who love rose-coloured pieces which are increasingly a favourite with women all over the world.

Stainless steel jewelry is also easy to clean with just some mild dishwashing soup.

For a wholesale jewelry manufacturer, put your project in the safe hands of Caboli Jewelry Co.

Caboli Jewelry Co love making strong and durable stainless-steel pieces which are shipped to wholesalers all over the world, including in Europe and the US.


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