Stunning Custom Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stunning Custom Stainless Steel Jewelry

Sales of stainless steel jewelry have been rising by 80%, according to Jeweller Magazine. So, what’s the secret behind this metal’s increasing popularity?

Stainless steel is currently bang-on-trend in the world of jewelry and for good reasons. The metal not only looks beautiful, it has hypoallergic properties and doesn’t tarnish like silver does.

Many jewels contrast well with the silvery metal, especially freshwater or shell pearls. Current technology means that much more can be done with the metal, with ion plating enabling you to add a rose or gold finish. It might be a non-precious metal but luxury jewelry retailers can’t ignore its strong appeal.

Since stainless steel jewelry doesn’t tarnish easily, it’s an affordable option for those buying luxury jewelry. The metal’s durability is also a big factor in its rising popularity.

Luxury jewelry retailers are currently waking up to the possibilities of stainless steel.

Although traditionally popular with men’s jewelry, it’s also making strides in ladies’ jewelry collections.

Caboli Jewelry Co regularly work with this type of material at our factory in China, which is one of the top manufacturing bases in Southern China. We can create stunning custom pieces for your retail unit or online store.


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