Top Necklace Manufacturers In China

Top Necklace Manufacturers In China

Looking for a necklace manufacturers in China to bring your design to life?

A necklace is one of the most treasured types of jewelry, being easy to wear, highly personable and effortlessly customised with different charms. You also have the choice of many different chains to complement a pendant or design.

Necklaces have been worn since the time of ancient civilisations, when people strung natural materials like shells together, and in the Bronze age people began making them with metal. Many designers now like to take inspiration of early necklace designs, especially when it comes to the use of natural materials.

Over the past few years, there’s been a trend for necklaces with more ostentatious, eye-catching pendants, such as larger acetate stones or several layers of crystals. Chokers have also winged their way back into fashion, having last been in vogue in the 1990s. They’ve been making a reappearance all over the fashion world and on the high street.

If you’re looking for necklace manufacturers in China, Caboli produce gorgeous necklaces with a variety of stunningly unique pendants.

Our necklace manufacturers in China produce everything from fashion jewelry chokers to gold plated necklaces, and natural stone silver jewelry.

Whether you’re after big and beautiful, like this Big Chain Short Necklace, or colourful necklaces like this Alloy and Resin Necklace, we work with a wide variety of materials and can make almost any design a reality.

All our necklaces are made at our factory in China, where we have an experienced and passionate team.

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