U.S. Market Gold Black Printed Enamel Bangle Bracelets Jewellery with No Line

The bracelets arrived this afternoon and are gorgeous!!!  xxx(client’s colleague) and I can’t thank you enough for your continued commitment to achieve the quality and standard of finish we have been hoping to achieve.  We are thrilled with the result and are excited about the work we will do together.
Now that we know we have a manufacturing partner.
With gratitude,
Satisfied Client
Great work!
The bangle looks fantastic.
Your commitment to getting it perfect means a great deal to us and we are looking forward to the next steps.
Caboli is proving to be a wonderful manufacturer based upon your clear communication and high standards.
With excitement and appreciation,
Satisfied Client


At the later year of 2015,  we got a jewellery inquiry from CA, west coast of USA.

Client is a new light Luxury Brand as well as a jewellery wholesaler, they are looking for a manufacturing factory who can producing for their customized orders, the enamel bangles with various designs that they provide in specific sizes.

The bangles is  stainless steel metal based, with gold plated on band(trim) and black plated matte brushed finish inside, clear enamel overlay on print. And they have very strictly quality standards on the jewelry items.

With first sight on client’s designs drawing, we feel is easy to develop it for we have rich experience and skilled workers. through making jewellery for some top luxury and fashion brands.

We committed to make a perfect jewelry item for them. After we reach an agreement, and started samples producing  after client paid us mold/sampling fee.

First Round Samples Making

The samples come out about 20 days later, we are eagerly to the check the quality, but unfortunately, the result is not showing perfect as we expected, although the overall look is OK, and the weight and feel of bracelets is great, but we still found out some small problems, first, the enamel are not appear completely fluid and flawless; second, the print color is not clear enough.

Our commitment is to produce excellent jewelry designs for our clients,we are not tolerate a product in defects, even tiny, we prefer to achieve a perfect jewelry when client first see it and think it will be worth finally,  so we decide not to ship the sample and  request customer to give us some more time to fix it. Client get back to us, “We greatly appreciate your time and attention, thank you. This kind of dedication is exactly what we are looking for”


Second Round Samples Making

We started second round samples soon, pay more attention on enamel and make improvement on print effect. With our hard work, the print is more clear, the enamel turns good result, but the enamel permeated the paper and stained.

We start trying new paper for print, instead of old paper this time we use a kind of quality thicker photograph paper which can stop enamel bleed and blur the print.

But these modification caused another problem, the enamel raised in middle, so it appear a high gloss finish on the outer enamel , and clients want semi-gloss finishing to match the inside black plating.

we try to figure out the reasons to make the enamel flat.

Along with this, the overall size have changed, we to re-do the bangle and make adjustment to fix this problem.

During samples making you will find, to achieve a perfect result its not always as simple as you thought.

Moving on, 

After modify on the bangle base, we make enamel on the bangles samples again,  the enamel turns flat as we expected.  Consider of the delivery time , we need rush on it, for expedite, we use oven to dry up the enamel with high temperature, unfortunately, this caused small bubbles inside the enamel, we made a mistake.

We removed the bad enamel immediately and enamel again, then let it nature dry up, and will takes few more days.

We  feel really sorry guilt to make client wait so long time, but we have to inform client the bad news and asked for more time again, client show their understand, and comfort us “We have even more faith in Caboli. Your commitment towards getting is in line with our way of thinking.”

Few days later, the enamel dried up with no problem. We are so exited, and can’t wait to ship the samples to clients to share the moment, and wait for their comments.

Client received the samples, and say there a line on the place where the two ends of paper meets. They thought the line would not be visible where paper meets, it makes it appear to be cheap. It is essential that they eliminate the line.

We ask client to give us more time, and we promised to solve the line problems.

Client response,


We do have time. Caboli has been very responsive and we think that when you get it right this will be a wonderful partnership.
Many thanks!”

Final Round Samples Making

We spent more time to study the problem, and try more.

We have rich experience in jewelry making, and very confident to solve the problems. Just do like what we have been always do, try to find out solutions, try, failure ,try again, failure again, till success at the end.

Finally we find a way to solve the line problem perfect. We dropped to use paper, but another way that makes there is completely no line, and the print is very clear and in good color. We have paid very hard work devoted to solve this problem.Due to business confidential, we can not reveal the technical details here.

From these times, with more experience , we also mastered  the new enamel technology on this kind of print bracelets, which makes the print enamel surface pretty uniform and seamless meeting the metal,

Although the total cost on samples research and development is more than clients have paid us, but its worth to make things better.

We are not give up,our team always obtain an very positive attitude,we find out the problems,and make research on materials and technical. Finally we solved the difficulties and succeed.

I know we are doing the finest work.

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