Looking To Order Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Looking To Order Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel has never been more on-trend; along with tungsten carbide, hi-tech ceramics and titanium, it’s one of the most popular materials for modern jewelry.

Bright and silvery, it’s not only wonderfully attractive but is super-strong, making it much better option than silver-plated pieces.

As a durable and almost indestructible alloy, stainless steel is an affordable option for jewelry shoppers looking for luxury pieces. It has also steadily gained popularity when it comes to the wedding ring market.

Are you looking to produce stainless steel jewelry and are searching for a manufacturer?

Caboli Jewelry Co can produce wholesale stainless steel pieces which are ideal for the luxury jewelry market. Whether you’re preparing for the Christmas season or specialise in luxury wedding rings, Caboli will produce your jewelry to the highest standards.

Whether you’re after dog tag pendants or stunning rings, Caboli Jewelry Co can produce stainless steel jewelry with a PVD (Plating Vacuum Deposition). This can increase its wear, scratch and corrosion resistance, making its durability superior to other coating methods.

If you need to order stainless steel jewelry wholesale, why not find out more about Caboli today?


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