Your Ultimate Guide to Stainless Steel Jewelry

Your Ultimate Guide to Stainless Steel Jewelry

For a long time, stainless steel was associated with aviation, architecture, and household utensils among other uses. However, due to its durability and resistance to rust, it has become one of the most sought after materials in jewelry.


For that reason, it is deemed as the attractive and affordable alternative to other precious metals that are used as jewelry; whether for a lifetime or for mere extravagance.


Contrary to iron (the primary metal in all forms of steel), stainless steel does not rust readily. It is an alloy of iron, chromium, carbon, and small portions of other metals and is resistant to corrosion and rust due to passivation.


For those who don’t know its meaning, passivation refers to a phenomenon that prevents oxidation of iron thus making it less reactive with its environment. Only few chemicals can corrode or etch it and chances are your jewelry will never come into contact with the chemicals. That accounts for its durability.


Enough with the descriptions and definitions; this article is actually meant to be a guide for jewelry sellers who purchase their stock in wholesale. We have put together the ultimate guide to what you need to know as you come to us for your supply of stainless steel jewelry.


Who are we?


So, what validates us as strong opinion-makers in stainless steel jewelry? Well, we are a custom fashion stainless steel jewelry designs factory. We manufacture high quality fashion stainless steel jewelry for luxury and fashion brand owners, boutiques, and department stores.


Our professional experience has enriched us with skills in jewelry research and development as well as wholesale supply. For that reason, we offer custom designs of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and chains among other forms of jewelry; and that is why we are best placed to provide retailers with this guide to stainless steel jewelry.


We boast of superior quality products, fast delivery, OEM, ODM, and a professional team of experts in jewelry. Feel free to browse though our website for further information and our latest stainless steel products.


What You Need To Know


Stainless steel jewelry is the new trend. It has earned its spot in the fashion industry and is now used in almost all forms of jewelry, ranging from earrings to necklaces. It is a favorite of men and women because it is strong enough to resist wear and tear and can offer unimaginable luxury and lavishness when designed with professionalism.


Therefore, as far as fashion goes, stainless steel is gaining popularity arguably at a faster rate than any other metal. That is very good news for you as a retail outlet because it means that the number of your customers can only go up if you do your business right.


Below are some of the factors that are making stainless steel very popular among jewelry wearers.


# Durability: the material contains chromium whose oxide forms a protective shield around the jewelry. The shield ensures that it neither rusts nor corrodes and that accounts for its undisputable reputation in durability.


# Strength: compared to other jewelry metals, stainless steel is adequately strong for daily use. It should not come as a surprise that the same material is used for household utensils that are used for daily house chores.


# Great finish: stainless steel jewelries have a bright and silvery finish that is not only appealing to the eye but also great with almost any style of attire.


# Resistance to tarnish: among all the metals that are used for jewelry, stainless steel is one of the few that do not need polishing. You can rock your jewelry for a very long time without having to polish it because the material does not tarnish. Therefore, it is a favorite among people who want to spend little money in jewelry maintenance and those who don’t have the time to polish their jewelry often.


# Great for people with allergies and skin sensitivity: most stainless steel jewelries are unplated and that makes them excellent for wearers who have skin sensitivity and allergies (common with base metals such as brass and copper).


# Can be reshaped: stainless steel can be reshaped from a simple metal to an elegant, high-end jewelry that will leave the wearer looking sharp and presentable fashion-wise. That is an ability that most other metals do not have.


Your Purchase Guide


Now that you know the basics about stainless steel jewelry, it is equally important for you to know how to purchase them. Remember that as a retail outlet you need to make purchase decisions that will influence your clientele to buy more from you.


In this section of the article, we outline two of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration when stocking your stainless steel jewelry.


Know Your Jewelry


Stainless steel jewelries come in three main forms namely, rings, piercings, and chains. Whereas chains are worn externally, piercings enter the body. Rings can either be external or piercings.


Apart from the forms of jewelry, there are also types of stainless steel materials. In fact, manufacturers produce close to 150 different types and all of them serve different purposes. When you visit us for supply, we will advice you on each material and type of stainless steel because the same knowledge is important to you when you are selling to your retail customer.


By using the knowledge, you will be able to make an appropriate recommendation for customers and even advice them on proper maintenance of the jewelry because each type has its own unique properties. Below are the common stainless steel materials:


  1. 302L: this is industrial grade stainless steel that contains high nickel content. Although it can be worn externally, it should not be used for piercings.


  1. 304L: this type of stainless steel is very durable and strong but completely unsuitable for body jewelry.


  1. 316L & 316LVM: these groups of stainless steel are the most ideal for both external jewelry and piercings.


  1. 317L: a close relative to 316L, this type of steel has slightly higher nickel content and is also ideal for jewelry and piercings.


Know What Buyers Want


The last and probably most important factor that you should consider is what your customers want. Nobody will buy a jewelry that s/he does not want and therefore, you can only make sales when you understand your customers’ tastes and preferences.


Simply put, there are thins that customers look for when buying stainless steel jewelry. Here is a list of some of them:

– Functional and well-designed clasps and jump rings

– Smooth surfaces in places that are in contact with the skin

– Comfort fit design

– Custom designs

– Flashy and appealing finish

– Certification of whether it is surgical or implant-grade stainless steel (especially for piercings)

– Whether it is hypoallergenic or not

– The cost



In summary, as a seller of stainless steel jewelry, you should know your trade inside out. Know what kind of steel you are dealing with and then determine how to please your customers by getting them exactly what they need. In case you are in the dark about all that, feel free to get your jewelry supplies from us and we will give you all the guidance that you need.

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