Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory in China

Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory in China Bangle bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Pendants, Chains and accessories Wholesale Direct from China Factory For more, you can visit: www.cabolijewelry.comRead more

Why Surgical Stainless Steel Jewelry Is Becoming Popular?

Surgical stainless steel is durability, and it enables us to create a scratch resistant jewelry and can be polish  to very smooth and shinny. Surgical stainless steel jewelry product will not tarnish, deform, or oxidized with everyday use. Especially when this kind of jewelry with ion plating, the […]Read more

Useful Simple Smart Jewelry Accessories

Functional style jewelry, a fashion smart jewelry that can combine the latest technology, electrical products, medical and health products. Such as the simple hair tie cuff bracelets that we made recently, it can be used for fit women’s hair tie,  so the wrist can be released. Which […]Read more

Go Trendy with Exclusive Jewelry

For every woman jewelry comes with a new meaning. Creative minds coming up with the unique designer jewelry brings in the hidden beauty of a woman in front of the entire World. Today manifold companies produce customized jewelries with the perfect design fulfilling users’ specifications. You need […]Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Stainless Steel Jewelry

For a long time, stainless steel was associated with aviation, architecture, and household utensils among other uses. However, due to its durability and resistance to rust, it has become one of the most sought after materials in jewelry.   For that reason, it is deemed as the […]Read more

How to handle your fashion jewellery with care?

If you want to step out in style, you not only have to find the right outfit, but also the matching accessories. If fashion jewellery and accessories are considered, creativity knows no bounds. Obviously each one of us is unique and our choices in fashion jewellery differ. […]Read more

Caboli Expert’s in Manufacturing of Stylish Stainless Steel Jewelry

At Caboli Jewelry, we are recognized for the manufacturing stainless steel jewellery. We have team of experienced designers who are dedicated to design the most sophisticated jewellery for our each client.  We are specialized in design of stainless steel jewellery. Caboli Jewelry Factory, taking into accounts South […]Read more

Finding the Right Fashion Jewellery Supplies

If you are in the line of fashion jewellery supplies you need to have the right products and service. This is the only way to attract new customers as well as maintain existing ones. Setting up shop especially online has become much easier and convenient courtesy of […]Read more

Get to Know Your Fashion Necklaces to Better Your Look

Your jewelry is an addition to accentuate your overall look. It draws the attention to specific parts of you, including the jewelry itself. When you are adding on to your jewelry collection, going with the most common colors that parade your wardrobe is a normal course to […]Read more

What’s the advantages of 316l stainless steel jewelry?

316l stainless steel also named surgical steel has uniform texture, it can go through salt spray test, with the characteristics of hard, anti corrosion, and resistance to acid alkali, it has been applied to aerospace, also known as space metal. 316l stainless steel jewelry color with ion plating, […]Read more

Lockets Sterling Silver Clear Glass

This locket can be in different shape, and different materials: 925 sterling silver, 316l stainless steel, gold plated, gold filled. If you want a custom design locket, we also can also can meet your requires as a manufacturer. Bellow link shows a round shape sterling silver elegant […]Read more

Summer season earrings and necklaces

Fruit series earrings and necklaces fashion jewelry with colorful enamel and acrylic, all the materials are allergy free summer season designs come out to bring you a cool feeling and a nice vacation. Just contact us for developing and manufacturer new designs.Read more

Wholesale 2015 Hot 316l Stainless Steel Titanium Ring Indonesia Without Stone Ring with 4 Claw; Custom Gemstone Rings Titanium

Titanium Wholesale 2015 Hot sale 316l titanium steel IP Gold Plating Indonesia without gemstone Ring with Prong Setting Grosir 2015 Dijual Hot 316L titanium baja IP Gold Plating Indonesia tanpa batu permata cincin dengan Prong Pengaturan Ring Gemstone Mounting Factory titanium rings gemstone custom gems bottom ring […]Read more

Custom Stainless Steel Skull Ring Wholesale

Custom Stainless Steel Skull Ring Wholesale China factory manufacturer stainless steel skull rings Each piece is processed from the finest surgical steel and masterfully crafted.Read more

Customize Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Glass Locket Factory

Client Studio87 is from Australia, looking for 925 sterling silver double sided glass locket wholesale supplier. The  locket is not a normal look, but with special look glass covers, and material should be sterling silver.  And we accepted the MOQ start from 10 dozen.Read more

Spain Jewelry Company Cooperated

We supply customized jewelry, fashion jewelry, imitation jewelry. We help you build strong jewelry business for your store professional website which best suitsRead more


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